4 Shipping Tips for UPS or FedEx Deliveries in Mill Valley, CA

As you are comparing the best shipping services available in Mill Valley, CA, there are a few fundamental suggestions that are associated with all shipping and delivery projects. Whether you are going with UPS or FedEx shipping in Mill Valley, CA, consider these packaging tips to ensure that your items get where they’re going in good condition whether you got a house outside the city  with burnaby real estate or live in middle of the city.

  1. Use Heavy Corrugated Boxes for More Valuable or Fragile Items

Cardboard is inherently not a very strong material and is intended for more economic transportation and storage. When you are delivering heavier, more valuable, and more expensive belongings, it’s worth spending the extra money to get the corrugated boxes which will have much higher durability, strength, and support.

This will increase the chance that your belongings or items will make it to their destination without damage. If you are a business owner, the last thing you want your customers experiencing is their prized delivery arriving broken as a result of poor or insufficient packaging.

  1. Never Over/Under Fill Boxes

While it’s tempting to fill boxes to the brim to save space and money from having to purchase and use additional cardboard boxes, the process of overfilling or underfilling can take a toll on the items being delivered. The more tightly packed items are, the more likely they are to receive additional pressure during storage and transit, increasing their chance of breaking.

  1. Use Protective Layering

You, of course, don’t want fragile and valuable items to slide around or shift during delivery. Using packaging items and soft materials to stuff around the object can prevent it from moving around during transportation. There is a general rule to put at least two inches of packing material around your product or item, including above and below it.

When shipping fragile items, it helps to use the most protective material on the inner layer, right against the item itself. If you have a material that is more protective than paper, such as thick fabric or bubble wrap, it’s generally going to be better suited closer to the object while the paper or other less protective material makes up the outer layer.

  1. Use Correct Labeling

Labeling can be the difference of your item getting to the desired destination or not at all. Before sending your item, you should search for the correct labeling requirements for UPS, FedEx, or your desired shipping service provider. Each company may require the same information, but it may be required to be displayed in a different fashion.

Without the correct labeling, some items may not get delivered, can get delayed, or worse yet, may be delivered to the wrong person by accident. If you are concerned about filling out the correct paperwork or labels, you can always contact us at All Wrapped Up to handle all of your packaging needs.

UPS & FedEx shipping will be more successful and easier to use when your items have been well packaged and secured before transit. If you have any questions about packaging or need assistance packing valuable items, give us a call today at All Wrapped Up. We help Mill Valley, CA with all of its packaging needs from start to finish!

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