Benefits of Notary Services

When certification of a document is required, there are a few ways to handle it, but notary services can step in and make things much easier for you. Most people are familiar with notary services and what they do, but knowing all the services they offer and the benefits that come with them is crucial to making your life easier.

Legal Verification

The main reason a notary service benefits you is by, surprise, notarizing documents for you. They are licensed by the state to verify information on a document and that the person signing it is actually the person they claim to be. Legal verification and notarizing is used for multiple purposes, particularly for signing legal documents like contracts or court papers that need to be submitted and returned to the sender. By having a notary services seal on the document, it verifies to the receiver that the form or document was actually signed by the person that it was intended for. This can save you time and money so you can avoid traveling a large distance to deliver the document in person.

Caters to You

At All Wrapped Up, our notary services have the ability to be mobile and come to you. In this busy world we live and work in, making time to go to a notary services location may not be possible. If you need this service, a quick call can allow you to schedule an appointment to meet our mobile notary at your home or office so they can notarize your documents on your time and schedule. This flexibility makes notarizing a document so much easier.

Types of Documents Serviced

Various documents may need the services of a notary. They verify who has signed the documents that need to be submitted back to someone. The various documents can include court documents like divorces or child support documents, contracts, and affidavits. Having the ability to sign these important documents on your own time is valuable to you and a time saver.

Know What You Need

Most notary services understand that you may not deal with these types of documents on a daily basis. We are experts at this, so we can give you the information you need to handle the document correctly. Each state has established laws as to what documents are legally required to create a binding notarization. Your notary will be able to inform you of what you need. Usually you need a valid government-issued ID like a driver’s license or state identification card. Some states will require a social security card or other second form of identification.

Notary Services Save Time

With all of our busy schedules, we often put things off to the last minute, especially if they are complicated or confusing. Notary services can take the confusion out of your documents and help you to get them ready to send out or submit. We are here to help and save you time in the process. Contact a local notary services office like All Wrapped Up and we can give you all the information you need.

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