Benefits of Various Shipping Options

At All Wrapped Up, you get the best shipping options available. Not only are the shipping services we provide affordable and convenient, but you will have great choices to you at all times. You always know your packages will be delivered to the correct places and on-time as well. The shipping options we have available are FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS. We have an on-site post office, as well as an authorized shipping center too. Find out the benefits of these various shipping options, so you can choose which one to use for your next package.


If you are looking into the various shipping options you have available for your packages, FedEx is one of the best choices. With FedEx, you get express parcel deliveries that will be on-time. The person you are sending the package too won’t have to be waiting and waiting for it to show up. The shipping is easy-to-use and you can even get packaging materials for free. Lastly, the customs clearance system is fast and effective for FedEx package deliveries. For your next package, FedEx might be the right option.


Another excellent option for shipping your next package is USPS. One of the best things about USPS is the priority mail. If you want to keep mailing your packages simple, USPS is the way to go. The priority mail will be tracked, has insurance built-in, and is much quicker for delivery than the first-class packages. In addition, priority mail has flat-rate mail packages. There is one fee for everything you put into the package. With USPS, you can even print out the postage from home. A USPS carrier can even come by your home and pick the package up. This saves you time and money.


DHL is another one of the shipping options you have through All Wrapped Up. Many of our customers have used DHL shipping services. With DHL, you get a single point of contact with all of your international shipping needs. You won’t have to track things down from one website to the next. There is also a professional and friendly help support call-line if you are experiencing any issues. Lastly, DHL offers quick quotes for shipping by just putting in the name of the country you are shipping to and from, along with the dimensions and weight of the package.


UPS is another great shipping option for packages. This is one of the shipping services that offers reduced mail preparation. There is less handling time for both the receiver and the sender. In many instances, the postal rates are better through UPS. All packages have reliable and consistent transit times as well. If you want peace of mind when shipping your packages, UPS may be the way to go.

FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS are the shipping options you have when working with All Wrapped Up. We want our customers to have great options every time they ship. Come to us for all your shipping services and shipping needs.

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