Advantages of Getting a Mailbox Rental

Many people stick to getting all their mail in their residential mailbox. However, the majority of people don’t realize all the advantages of getting a mailbox rental. If you don’t yet have a mailbox rental, it might be helpful to learn more about the benefits of getting one. If you decide to get one, you can always turn to All Wrapped Up to get yours set up. Permanent Address Maybe you don’t have a permanent place where you stay. You might travel a lot, be stationed in multiple locations for the Military, or just move around a lot. If this … Continue reading

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Personal Shopper: Get One for This Holiday Season

Are you stressing already about the holiday season? Christmas is coming up just around the corner. Maybe you are worried about what gift you are going to get everyone. You might be stressing about the gift-wrapping process. Either way, you can count on All Wrapped Up for the best personal shopping services. Not Sure What Present to Get Christmas and the entire holiday season is supposed to be happy, exciting, and fun. However, there are parts of it that can be frustrating. One of the most frustrating parts of the holiday season is not knowing what present you should get … Continue reading

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People Who Need Mailbox Rentals the Most

Many people don’t rent mailboxes, mostly because they don’t realize they need them. However, everybody could use some extra security with their mail, whether that is for envelopes or packages. Having one of the mailbox rentals at All Wrapped Up might be just what you need. While everyone could use a private mailbox, there are some people who need mailbox rentals the most. Bloggers Are you a blogger? Do you get samples and products from various companies, so you can blog about them? If so, you may want to consider getting one of the mailbox rentals at All Wrapped Up. … Continue reading

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Saving Yourself Time with Gift Wrapping Services

Out of all the things you need to do around birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and events, one of the most time consuming things is gift wrapping. You might need to spend hours wrapping gifts for coworkers, friends, your loved ones, and others too. You could be spending your time doing other things instead. If you want to save yourself time, getting gift wrapping services from All Wrapped Up, is one of the best ways you can do that. Treated as an Art Here at All Wrapped Up, we treat gift wrapping as an art. Every package and present is wrapped with … Continue reading

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Preparing to Get Your Documents Notarized

At All Wrapped Up, you can get the most professional notary services. Whether you are looking to get just one document or many notarized, we have the notary services you need. The professionals at our company are experienced with notarizing all kinds of documents. We know what you need to do if you want to get your documents notarized and want to make the process as easy as we can for you. Use our tips to prepare for your notarization. Knowing the Kind of Notarization Needed There are usually 3 kinds of notarizations: copy certifications, jurats, and acknowledgements. You need … Continue reading

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Reasons to Hire a Personal Shopper

There are many people who are just too busy to spend the time finding quality gifts for their loved ones and friends. There is nothing wrong with this. However, wouldn’t it be nice to finally find great gifts, without having to stress about it. The good news is, there is. You can contact All Wrapped Up. We have personal shopper services available at your request. Christmas Time If you are constantly stressed out around Christmas time, with all there is to do, then you might want to hire a personal shopper to help you out. At All Wrapped Up, Lisa … Continue reading

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Shipping Services and What That Means for You

At All Wrapped Up, you can get shipping services. Many people think they can only rent a mailbox or send out mail from our company. However, we are much more than that. We have many repeat customers who use our shipping services every single day. Whether you have a box to mail a couple of times a year, constant mail you need to send out, or just a one-time package, you can count on All Wrapped Up and our shipping services. Shipping and Packaging Here at All Wrapped Up, we offer shipping and packaging services. We know that packaging fragile … Continue reading

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Can I Have a Signed Document Notarized?

There are many questions people have related to having documents notarized and the available notary services. It can be tough to know the answers and most people don’t have the time to look for those answers. The good news is that you don’t have to look far. One of the most common questions related to notarizing documents is whether a document that has already been signed, can be notarized. There are two parts to the answer: oaths and acknowledgements. Notarizing Signed Oaths An oath can be notarized. However, the person who will be signing the document must appear to sign … Continue reading

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Benefits of Various Shipping Options

At All Wrapped Up, you get the best shipping options available. Not only are the shipping services we provide affordable and convenient, but you will have great choices to you at all times. You always know your packages will be delivered to the correct places and on-time as well. The shipping options we have available are FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS. We have an on-site post office, as well as an authorized shipping center too. Find out the benefits of these various shipping options, so you can choose which one to use for your next package. FedEx If you are … Continue reading

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Benefits of Using Mailbox Rentals

If you are like many others, you need a place you can trust when it comes to your mail. You need a mailbox provider that has a great reputation. Some very sensitive material comes in the mail and you want to make sure your private information is kept safe. All Wrapped Up has offered mailbox rentals for more than 30 years. There are many benefits to using our mailbox rentals. Running a Home Based Business When you are running a home based business, it can be beneficial to keep your private and professional mail separated. If you have all the … Continue reading

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