5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Shopper

There are many benefits you’ll enjoy when hiring a personal shopper. For starters, they make life a little easier by saving you time and frustration, and they know how to personalize and enhance the gift giving experience. However, there are a lot of people out there that have never taken advantage of a personal shopper because they don’t realize that anyone can utilize this service. Here are a few of the top reasons you should bring in the pros next time you have a gift to give. #1: You’re Strapped for Time We’ve all given lackluster gifts over the years … Continue reading

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5 Gift Wrapping Tips For a Beautiful Presentation

There are so many seasons and reasons to present a loved one with a gift, and when you want to enhance the experience then you need to make sure that it is beautifully wrapped. However, when you sit down to get the job done, you may find that it doesn’t turn out as attractive as you hoped. And this can lead to wrapping, and re-wrapping until you get every edge perfect. Before you stress out about your gift presentation, follow these five tips that will make your recipient smile as soon as they see the wrapped present in your hand. … Continue reading

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4 Qualities to Look For in a Notary Public

There are some people who work in an industry that requires multiple visits to the notary public, and then there are others that only need to utilize their services on the rare occasion. It doesn’t matter if you fall into these two categories or somewhere in between, there are a few qualities that a notary public should have if you want a job well done. Here we list those qualities so that next time you need a document notarized, you’ll get it done thoroughly and quickly. #1: A Relaxed and Convenient Atmosphere If you find that you have to wait … Continue reading

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Why People Love Mailbox Rentals in Mill Valley

You might think that people invest in Mill Valley mailbox rentals because they have to. But the truth is, many people simply love the advantages that come with these rentals. Whether you own a home, live in an apartment, or want to keep your business mail separate from personal mail, you’ll notice the ease and convenience of mailbox rentals. Here are just a few of the reasons why people love All Wrapped Up and the services that we have to offer.  Ease of Use  Life gets complicated, but there are a few ways to make things easier. Mailbox rentals offer … Continue reading

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Get Stamps and Postage in Mill Valley

Although stamps and postage in Mill Valley haven’t been around as long as the original post office, they are still a very necessary and sometimes inconvenient part of modern life.  It’s amazing that this way of paying for mail service hasn’t changed that much in more than 250 years.  Or has it? Actually, there are more than a few differences, but not the ones you’d suspect.  The main difference is that the original postal service, the British Parliamentary Post, mailed letters faster than our current service—remarkable AND true! Before his work as a creator of countries, Ben Franklin served as … Continue reading

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4 Shipping Tips for UPS or FedEx Deliveries in Mill Valley, CA

As you are comparing the best shipping services available in Mill Valley, CA, there are a few fundamental suggestions that are associated with all shipping and delivery projects. Whether you are going with UPS or FedEx shipping in Mill Valley, CA, consider these packaging tips to ensure that your items get where they’re going in good condition whether you got a house outside the city  with burnaby real estate or live in middle of the city. Use Heavy Corrugated Boxes for More Valuable or Fragile Items Cardboard is inherently not a very strong material and is intended for more economic … Continue reading

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Who Can Benefit From Mailbox Rentals?

It may surprise you to know that many people can enjoy the advantages of mailbox rentals in Mill Valley, CA. In fact, many individuals who utilize this wonderful service have mailboxes at their home or apartment but find that rentals are much more convenient and easier to use. Here are just a few people who can benefit from a mailbox rental in Mill Valley, CA. Those Who Need a Secure and Reliable Place for Their Mail Even if you have a way to receive and send mail from your residence, it may not be as secure as you would like. … Continue reading

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Advantages of Mobile Notary Services

When most people think about getting a notarized signature, they immediately plan their day around driving to the notary and suffering through the long wait times. However, there is a better solution available. Enlisting the services of a mobile notary in Mill Valley, CA has multiple advantages that can make your life easier and simpler. Read on for a few of those benefits, and you can decide if a mobile notary in Mill Valley is for you. Convenience One of the best parts about enlisting the services of a mobile notary in Mill Valley, CA is that they come to … Continue reading

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Notary Public Services in Mill Valley

Mill Valley’s All Wrapped Up is proud to offer Notary Public services. Our Notary is California commissioned, insured, and a certified signing agent. Read on to learn more about notaries and what they can do for you in Mill Valley. What Is a Notary? A Notary Public is an official of high integrity appointed by the state government. Becoming a Notary is a privilege and they commonly serve in 4 year increments. The notary public serving at Mill Valley’s All Wrapped Up has been serving as a notary public for 12 years and has just renewed for the third time. … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of a Mailbox Rental

When you live in Mill Valley, CA, you get all sorts of mail on a weekly basis. In fact, you might even have needs beyond just mail, but still within the scope of a mailbox rental company. There are many advantages of utilizing the services of a company like All Wrapped Up. Here are 5 of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when using a mailbox rental service as opposed to having a P.O. Box. #1: Large package delivery When you rent a P.O. Box, you often won’t have the luxury of getting to receive larger packages and mail. … Continue reading

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