Can I Have a Signed Document Notarized?

There are many questions people have related to having documents notarized and the available notary services. It can be tough to know the answers and most people don’t have the time to look for those answers. The good news is that you don’t have to look far. One of the most common questions related to notarizing documents is whether a document that has already been signed, can be notarized. There are two parts to the answer: oaths and acknowledgements.

Notarizing Signed Oaths

An oath can be notarized. However, the person who will be signing the document must appear to sign it in front of the notary. They must affirm the statements in the oath or document are true and accurate. The person signing the document will then place their signature on the paper before it gets notarized. Subscribed before me is how oaths work. The process requires someone to commit the oath in person. Their in-person signature accepts the accuracy of the oath.

If there is already a signature on the oath, the person who is signing the document can sign it again, when they are in front of the notary. Then, the notarization process can proceed. Often, the notary may make a note stating the signer placed their signature again while there.

Notarizing Signed Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are documents in which the person signing the document states they have accepted and signed the document voluntarily and under their own free will. Being that the signer only needs to acknowledge their own signature, they could place their signature on the document any time before the document is notarized. However, the person still must be present at the notary office, before the document can be notarized. While they don’t have to sign in front of then notary, presence is required.

There should always be a date placed on the document, by the notary, stating what date the signer was there to have the document notarized. This is important to prove the accuracy of the document. The notary may place a note stating the date they notarized the document, along with the date the document had previously been signed. While the document that may have been signed before being notarized could hold up in some cases, if in doubt, it is always best to have the notary services provided.

Each state law does have their own notary laws which you can refer to. There are many notary services you can get when coming to All Wrapped Up. Each of the services is provided to help you get the documents you need notarized. These could include signed documents, as long as you show up in person or the person signing the document shows up to have the document notarized. The notary must see the signer place their name on the document for oaths and have them present for the notarization on acknowledgements.

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