Get Stamps and Postage in Mill Valley

Although stamps and postage in Mill Valley haven’t been around as long as the original post office, they are still a very necessary and sometimes inconvenient part of modern life.  It’s amazing that this way of paying for mail service hasn’t changed that much in more than 250 years.  Or has it?

Actually, there are more than a few differences, but not the ones you’d suspect.  The main difference is that the original postal service, the British Parliamentary Post, mailed letters faster than our current service—remarkable AND true!

Before his work as a creator of countries, Ben Franklin served as a postmaster to the Crown.  During his tenure as one of two deputy postmasters in the colonies, Franklin streamlined the system so that a letter could be sent from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts within two days. This seems almost impossible when you think about the slowness of transportation in those days, but Franklin devised a way.  A precursor to the Pony Express, Franklin built a connected network of stations with horses and riders throughout the colonies. Mail was passed from rider to rider within seconds.

Why was speed so important to Franklin and his contemporaries?  Just like today, time was considered money.  And that was especially true 275 years ago when things moved so slowly.  If something could be achieved faster, that was a huge value. Franklin’s paying public had the option of sending letters outside of the mail service—by private courier, friends, and private carriers like ships.  By making the mail move so fast, he grew the business of the British Parliamentary Post, making it profitable in the colonies for the first time.

Stamps and postage are still a very necessary part of our business and personal lives.  Even with the advent of email, we still use postage and stamps as a way to get our things and our ideas from one place to another.  When so many options are available when it comes to buying stamps and postage, it’s still the best option to handle your postage needs in person and in one place. The trick is to find a place that saves you time as well as money.

The post office does not have the best reputation for speed and efficiency. Most people who use the post office as their mailing center assume that the visit will take a while—because it usually does! And using the option of digital stamps and mailing from home is expensive—convenient, but VERY expensive.

That’s why a centralized postal center like All Wrapped Up in Mill Valley can be a lifesaver in more ways than one.  Stamps and postage are only a small part of our services.

All Wrapped Up works with the four major shipping carriers in the US, offering excellent rates as well as the convenience of having access to all the carriers in one place. And if you’d like to use the store as your own personal mail center, you can do that too.  Mailbox rentals are available onsite.

Not only does All Wrapped Up offer a way to mail your precious letters, packages, and gifts, but we also sell many fantastic gifts ourselves.  If you need to find something special at the last minute, we have an excellent gift shop with books, candles, handbags, and other quality items.

All Wrapped Up has been in business 30 years, a lot less than our government postal service.  But the company offers things Ben Franklin would approve of—great services, good prices, and efficiency, all in one place!

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