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Mill Valley USPS Shipping

As the seasons roll by and special events come and go, Mill Valley residents are always looking for a way to efficiently deliver important items and merchandise to friends, family, and customers all over the country. With advances in shipping, packages can be delivered in just a week or two, if not sooner. Shipping has gotten so effective and quick that there are special services that allow an individual to send a packages in one or two days.

When you’re looking to send your package, item, or gift, you want to make sure that you are picking the best possible shipping option available in Mill Valley, CA. The United States Postal Service (USPS shipping) in Mill Valley is one of the most common choices for sending packages, gifts, and other important items.

Low Cost

Compared to other shipping options, USPS shipping in Mill Valley is one of the cheapest. USPS shipping utilizes “flat rate shipping” for certain packages, like an envelope or a certain sized box. As long as you can fit it in the package, the price remains the same. This makes Mill Valley USPS shipping a popular option among families and businesses that want to save a little money if other courier-specific benefits are not needed.

Moderate Weight Limits

Mill Valley USPS shipping has lower weight limits than other shipping options with a 70 lbs. package weight limit. For most general package and delivery purposes, even this limit is more than is needed. However, if you need to send a larger package or large quantity of items in a single box, another shipping service may be needed.

At All Wrapped Up we connect with the best couriers in the area and will make sure to select the provider that best matches your delivery needs.

Pickups Available

If you need to have a USPS shipping courier visit your Mill Valley home or office to pick up a package, the pickup service is complimentary for any Priority Mail Express packages. This is a great option for any individual or business that needs to save time and avoid visiting the post office.

Limited Tracking Options

For individuals and businesses that need to track a package during every step of its journey, Mill Valley USPS shipping is lackluster when compared to other services. Although you can see when your delivery has been completed, you won’t be able to see the various stages of its journey. This makes it difficult to make any claims for lost or damaged items.

Package Options

Mill Valley, CA USPS shipping has a number of different package options to ensure that you can deliver the type of contents in the best possible condition. For example, media mail is available for CDs, books, manuscripts, and similar media. Additionally, USPS shipping also provides air delivery of parcels, making it a great option when delivering to locations like Canada, Hawaii, and other hard to reach locations.

Do you need a trusted courier service to deliver your packages or gifts? No matter what time of the year it is, we at All Wrapped Up can help you to get your package where it needs to be. Whether it’s through the Mill Valley, CA USPS shipping service or any other quality provider in the area, we will only pick the best service for you and your package.