Notary Public Services in Mill Valley

Mill Valley’s All Wrapped Up is proud to offer Notary Public services. Our Notary is California commissioned, insured, and a certified signing agent. Read on to learn more about notaries and what they can do for you in Mill Valley.

What Is a Notary?

A Notary Public is an official of high integrity appointed by the state government. Becoming a Notary is a privilege and they commonly serve in 4 year increments. The notary public serving at Mill Valley’s All Wrapped Up has been serving as a notary public for 12 years and has just renewed for the third time. Each state has their own unique notary laws and notaries must follow the laws of their particular state. They are authorized by the state to administer oaths, certify important documents, and be a witness to all parties involved in a sworn oath of authenticity. Documents that can require this specific service include, but are not limited to, real estate, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption papers, wills, powers of attorney, and diplomas.  A Notary Public is responsible for making sure that all parties signing documents are who they say they are, aren’t signing under intimidation, and are fully aware of the contents of the documents being signed. These official acts are called notarizations.

The Notary Stamp

One interesting aspect of a Notary Public is the notary seal that certifies the documents. The seal must be seal pressed or pressed by a rubber stamp. The stamp will be a very distinctive impression on the document to confirm it has gone through the legal notarization process. This stamp is typically found at the end of the document or is attached to the document as a separate sheet. This is to minimize any fraud in the specified document. The requirements of the seal or stamp vary state to state and whether it’s required at all is unique to the states’ laws.

The Notarization Process

The notarization process is simple and fairly quick.  All parties that want any documents notarized must provide evidence to verify their identity. This is typically done using a valid driver’s license. The individuals will then sign the documents with the notary public as a witness. Our notary public in Mill Valley will finish the whole process by stamping, signing, and dating the documents. Having documents notarized will always be done in person to confirm the identity of the people involved and to ensure that all signatures are authentic. Any condition other than physical presence would diminish the Notary’s full ability to evaluate the signer’s documentation and understanding of the content in it.

Other Services Performed by Our Notary Public in Mill Valley:

  • Certify affidavits
  • Certify depositions
  • Issue protests of bills and notes
  • Perform civil marriage ceremonies
  • Witness the opening of safe deposits

Here at Mill Valley’s All Wrapped Up, our notary public services are very professional and quick. One of the best parts is that there is no appointment required. You can stop by for a stress free experience and friendly environment while getting your notary needs taken care of. Our notary public in Mill Valley is available to all people in the area, including customers coming from Sausalito, Tiburon, or other areas in Marin County. Even if you’re not from the area or even the country, we can serve your notary public needs.

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