Preparing to Get Your Documents Notarized

At All Wrapped Up, you can get the most professional notary services. Whether you are looking to get just one document or many notarized, we have the notary services you need. The professionals at our company are experienced with notarizing all kinds of documents. We know what you need to do if you want to get your documents notarized and want to make the process as easy as we can for you. Use our tips to prepare for your notarization.

Knowing the Kind of Notarization Needed

There are usually 3 kinds of notarizations: copy certifications, jurats, and acknowledgements. You need to let the notary know the kind of notarization that is needed. We can’t tell you what notarization you need, so be sure to look into this before coming to All Wrapped Up.

Have a Completed Document

Another way to prepare for a notarization is to make sure your documents are completed. If you don’t have a completed document, it can’t be notarized. If you have left spaces blank, this could be a big problem. It would be fraud to have it notarized without everything being filled in.

Every Signer Present

If you are coming to All Wrapped Up to have a document or multiple documents notarized, you need to make sure that every signer who will be on the document comes in with you. If everyone isn’t present, you can’t have the document notarized.

Being Willing and Aware

A notary will not notarize your document if you aren’t willing and aware. You must be in the proper mental state of mind or the notary must refuse to notarize your documents. Keep this in mind before coming to All Wrapped Up or any notary.

Proper Identification

In order to have a document notarized, you must have the proper identification. You can’t used an expired driver’s license, for instance. Every identification you attempt to use must be valid and in proper standing or the document can’t be notarized.

ID and Document Match Up

You also need to make sure that your name on your identification and document match up. For instance, if you just got married and didn’t change your ID yet, but your document has your married name, the document will not be notarized.

Can’t Receive Legal Advice

Another important thing to note is that the notary isn’t able to give you legal advice. If you need legal advice about a document, please get this before having your document notarized. This will save you a lot of time and possible frustration.

You now have the tips you need to get your documents notarized. With this information, All Wrapped Up can help you with the notarizations you need. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to get any document you need notarized.

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