Reasons Why You Should Get a Mailbox Rental

All Wrapped Up is not only Mill Valley’s premier mail and parcel center, but it is Marin County’s premier private mailbox center.  You can find us at 38 Miller Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Here are our reasons we know you’ll be happy with our private mailbox rental and services.

  • Privacy – there are several reasons to consider having a Mill Valley mailbox rental but consider privacy as reason number one.  It means your home address is known only to those you give it to — not publicly published.  You won’t have to wonder if someone can take your mail and parcels, or why some mail is missing.  And if you are like many people who have adjusted to working from home, or run a business from your home, an address for your business that is separate from your family life gives you an added layer of personal privacy, not to mention work-life balance.  Just like you take extra steps to protect your consumer credit and online identity, by having a private mailbox rental you extend that protection by keeping your home address private.
  • Security goes with privacy.  All of your mail and parcels are safe until you pick them up.  You and only you have access to them. 
  • And speaking of managing your business from your home, with our private mailbox rental you get a commercial, not residential, street address that can boost your business’s image and brand.
  • Stability comes with a private mailbox rental. When you move your home or business from place to place, or leave Mill Valley for an extended period of time, where you send and receive your mail and valuables stays the same, which also means cared for in the same and dependable style you have come to expect.
  • Easy means convenience.  Your private mailbox can receive shipments from all carriers, like FedEx and UPS, to name a few.  Our professional relationships with the carriers ensure your packages are received as timely as possible, and handled with the best of care.  Remember, keeping a mailbox with the United Postal Service does not enable you to receive parcels from other private carrier companies.  With us, you do. 
  • Extras, extras, extras.  When you rent a private mailbox, you also get services you need for either your business or home, or both, including a California commissioned notary public, free mail forwarding and access to faxing, scanning and photocopying.  Our location is an extra, too:  downtown Mill Valley on the Mill Creek Plaza.  And the bonus is you will never need an appointment with us.
  • One last reason to rent a mailbox with us that we know is unrivaled is our Gift Shop, Personal Shopper, and Gift Wrap service each suited to your personality.  When picking up your mail and parcels, explore our unique cards and exclusive gifts from local artisans and from around the world.  Have them wrapped and shipped and save yourself time.  Better yet, call or order online from our Personal Shopper, Lisa, who will seamlessly select, wrap, pack and ship gifts to your special friends and loved ones.
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