Steps To Packing Artwork Correctly

Those who have moved many times before or who have given artwork as a gift multiple times know that packing artwork can be challenging. The pieces vary in size, and often times, the artwork may not fit into standard size boxes.  Incorrect packing may have disastrous results, especially when expensive pieces of artwork are involved.  Whether you are packing artwork for a move or shipping fragile items across the country, how you pack a box makes all the difference.  There are several steps to follow when packing artwork in order to ensure your items stay safe during transport.

How to Pack Art

When packing your artwork, the first thing to do is measure the painting and cut a piece of cardboard or foam to fit on the front of the picture.  Secure the foam or cardboard to the artwork to protect any glass from breaking during the move.  Next, wrap the artwork in bubble wrap both horizontally and vertically for maximum protection. Secure the bubble wrap with tape.

When choosing a box to fit the artwork, try to find one that leaves only an inch of space between the artwork and the box.  Professional packing companies such as All Wrapped Up have varying sizes of boxes to fit your packing needs if you can’t find a suitable box.  Professional packing companies may also be able to build you a custom box to fit.  Multiple paintings or pictures can be placed in the same box as long as bubble wrap is placed in between to separate them and reduce shifting.  Any extra space in the box should be filled with newspaper, packing paper, rags, or packing peanuts so the artwork doesn’t move or shift during transport.  It is imperative to tape both ends of the box securely so that the box doesn’t bottom out when being lifted or moved.  To be sure the box is moved with care and not handled roughly, clearly label the box as fragile on both sides.

Professional Packing Services

If you are just packing one piece of art, it may not be too big of a job to do alone, but when packing multiple pieces of art or especially fragile or valuable items, it is best to consult a professional packing service.  If you are unsure if you can pack your artwork correctly and keep it from breaking, bring it into All Wrapped Up and let us pack it professionally for you.  We are the packing pros who will pack your valuable items and ship them where you need them to go safely and unharmed.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of packing and transporting or shipping valuable or cherished works of art. When you feel that you might need help packing, entrust your works of art to the incredible staff at All Wrapped Up in Mill Valley. We have wrapped tens of thousands of packages and we value your business and are committed to earning and keeping your trust. Sometimes you may need an AC repair while in the Pensacola, FL area look no further than Peaden.

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