What Benefits Do You Get from Notary Services?

When it comes to getting quick, convenient notary services, you can go to All Wrapped Up. We have professional notary services and you can stop in whenever you need documents or papers notarized. Our notary public is insured and bonded too. We offer stress-free services and provide you with a friendly atmosphere as well. Not sure of the benefits you would get from having notary services on-demand?

Immediate Help

Sometimes you may have documents or paperwork that needs to be notarized right away. You can’t wait to schedule an appointment with a notary a week or so from now. There are some documents or papers that need to be notarized and submitted quickly. At All Wrapped Up, you don’t need to make an appointment. You can bring your paperwork or documents into us and we will get it all taken care of.


If you have documents or paperwork that needs notarized quickly, you don’t want to take extra time travelling to an office farther away or even a bank. You want a convenient location where you can get professional notary services. When you come to All Wrapped Up, you won’t have to travel far or wait long to have your documents notarized. We are located in a convenient location and you won’t have to wait long after stopping in, to have your documents notarized.

Great Customer Service

There are some offices and banks that don’t get to know their customers. At All Wrapped Up, when you come to us for professional notary services, we care about you and your needs. We offer friendly customer service to everyone that comes through our doors. We want to help you with all your notary needs and that shows through the service we provide.

Helping Your Clients

Do you ever have clients who come in without their documents being notarized? If so, you won’t have to turn them away or ask them to come back later with the documents notarized. You can help your clients by bringing the documents into All Wrapped Up. We will handle the notarization for all the documents, even the ones for your clients.

There are all sorts of businesses that need notary services. Are you the owner or manager of a car dealership? If so, you may need to have loan contracts and buyer agreements notarized. Are you an employee at an insurance company? If so, you may need to have insurance agreements and other insurance documents notarized. Are you a realtor? If so, you may need to have real estate contracts notarized. There are many different types of documents that need to be notarized. When you come to All Wrapped Up for all your notary service needs, you will be in great hands.

If you need quick, convenient, professional, and friendly notary services, All Wrapped Up has the services you need. Contact us at 415-381-9727. We will be happy to help you today.

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